Our Fee Structure

PFAP Fee Structure – June 2016


  • Initiation Fee                                            $100
  • Initial Consultation and Tour                       $50 - CURRENTLY WAIVED


  • Peak Hours (7am – 8pm)                        $25
  • Non-peak hours (8pm – 7am)               $15
  • Packaging Only                                       $15
  • Prepaid Option (40 hours)                     $800 ($20 / hour)

VENDOR TRUCK PACKAGES – Monthly (see Food Truck options at bottom)

  • Standard Package                                  $260
  • Full Package                                          $320
  • Overnight truck Parking                        $100


  • Special Equipment Use*                         $5 per use
  • Supplies Fee                                           $10 per use
  • Cancellation Fee                                     $25
  • Cancellation Penalty                               50% Charge


  • Pallet Storage (48”w x 54”d x 48”h)

                 Non-Refrigerated                              $45
                 Refrigerated                                        $65
                 Frozen                                                 $65

  • Speed Rack Storage (4’w x 18”d x 6’h)

                 Non-Refrigerated                              $15
                 Refrigerated                                      $25
                 Frozen                                               $25

  • Sheet Pan Rack Storage (20”w x 26”d x 70”h)

                 Non-Refrigerated                              $15
                 Refrigerated                                      $20
                 Frozen                                               $20

  • Dry Storage Other – Monthly

                  Cage 35 – 40 square ft                      $75

                 Cage 70 - 80 square ft                      $150

Office Rental - Monthly                               Starting at $250

Conference Room Rental - Hourly                no charge


Initial Membership Fee - $100

A non-refundable fee is required of each new client and covers processing your application, key cards, and orientation.

Kitchen Fees

The PFAP offers a scaled fee structure based on type of use and quantity of time you use. This fee structure is designed to cover the associated complexities of small users, encourage additional use, and is discounted for simplified & off-hours users.

  • Non-peak hours (8pm-6am)                  $15
  • Packaging Only*                                       $15

* Further reduced rates for special packaging are available.

Prepayment Package

We offer a $20/hour rate for users who plan to use at least 40 hours of kitchen time across a 90-day period for $800. At the end of the 90 days, any remaining time is lost. This rate must be renewed, or the usage rate returns to the base fee of $25 per hour.

Vendor Truck Packages

The purpose of these packages is to provide a variety of options for the unique work of Vendor Trucks. See attached PFAP MOBILE FOOD UNIT OPTIONS table.

Other Fees

Special Equipment Use* - $5 / hour

Certain equipment may require significant use of power, resources, maintenance and / or oversight. This fee covers those increased costs.

Supplies Fee - $10 per use

This fee covers required supplies such as gloves, hairnets, trash bags, paper towels, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, etc. Please note that this fee is separate from the hourly fee since use of these materials is based on each scheduled use.

Cleaning Fee - $25 first occurrence

Each client is responsible for cleaning the kitchens to the standards specified in the facility’s Standard Operating Procedures. A cleaning fee will be assessed if the client does not clean the kitchen to the standards required.

Cancellation Fee - $25

A fee charged for cancellations of scheduled time given with a minimum of 7 days notice.

Cancellation Penalty – 50% Charge

A fee of 50% of the scheduled usage rate charged for cancellations of scheduled time given with less than 7 days notice.

Other Services

Office Rental

The PFAP has offices located at the front of the facility, which are available for rent at monthly rates between $250 and $480.

Conference Room Rental - The conference room can be reserved by the hour for a variety of approved uses. Usage is free but reservations are required.



Monthly invoices are sent to the client via the email on file by the 10th of each month. Payment is due by the last day of the month.  Those clients whose accounts are past due will not be allowed to schedule kitchen time until paid in full. Accounts that are more than thirty (30) days past due will have their facility access restricted.

Payment Methods

Clients may pay by credit card, cash, or check. Checks should be made out to PFAP. There is a fee of $25 for returned checks.

Late Payment                                                                           

Penalties and interest may be added to all past-due invoices as per the user agreement.