Getting Started

Whether you're starting business or are an experienced food entrepreneur, this guide kick-start your path to using PFAP! 

Step 1 -- Review our website and the Road Map 

We recommend you review our website for information useful to you. Please also see our "road map" for starting a food business--know this is a draft and we hope to have a more dynamic version soon!

Step 2 -- Create a Plan

To get you on your way, create a list of all steps your business needs to complete before producing. 

We also recommend that you review Things To Consider When Starting a Food-Business. This guide will introduce a few of the key concepts in food entrepreneurship.  

Step 3 -- Review the PFAP Features & Capabilities

After establishing your needs, review our Features & Capabilities to compare your needs with our capabilities. 


Step 4 -- Review the PFAP Rules & Policies

Given your plan is PFAP is a good fit for you?


Step 5 -- Apply

Complete our application to start your entrance process. Click HERE for our application.

Applicant Tour: If you are not sure if you are ready to proceed, but you wish to see the facility, request an Applicant Tour by email.

Step 6 -- Initial Consultation: If your application is approved, the next step is to schedule a consultation.This consultation is a face-to-face meeting for an evaluation of the applicant's needs versus PFAP resources, as well as walking through of steps to proceed. During this meeting we'll discuss:

  • Your business
  • Your product

  • Our services 

  • Tour the facility 

  • Requirements, rules & policies

  • Regulatory oversight

  • Provide suggestions & resources if needed


Step 7 -- Requirements to use PFAP

To use PFAP we require the following:

  • All required paperwork must be completed.

  • Each supervisor must complete an orientation.

  • A copy of all required permits for your products must be obtained, and copies provided to PFAP staff (for products made for sale).

  • All clients must obtain $2,000,000 of general liability and product liability insurance, with Orange County and Piedmont Food & Agricultural Processing Center as “additional named insured” on the policy.

  • A initial processing fee of $100 is required.


Step 8 -- Sign Your User Agreement

The User Agreement is the contract allowing you to use PFAP. When you're ready, schedule at time to sign your User Agreement. A signed User Agreement is required to use PFAP.