Getting Started

Revised 08/03/15

Whether you're starting your first business or you are an experienced food-entrepreneur, this guide will walk you through the steps to begin using the PFAP.


Step 1, Review our website: Before calling, emailing, or submitting an application we recommend you thoroughly review our website. Answers to most starting questions can be found here.

Step 2, Create an Action Plan: An Action Plan is simple a chronological list of all tasks, steps, and actions you will need to complete in order to successfully make products for sale.

We also recommend that those of you new to food-business entrepreneurship also review the following: Things To Consider When Starting a Food-Business This guide will introduce a few of the key start-up concepts in food-entrepreneurship. If you're experienced in the food industry or business you may wish to skip to Step 3.


Step 3, Review the PFAP Features & Capabilities: After establishing your needs, review our Features & Capabilities to compare your needs with our capabilities. The equipment to produce some products is obvious, however if you are uncertain if we have the specialized equipment or support you require, send us an email to


Step 4, Review the PFAP Rules & Policies: Given your plan is PFAP is a good fit for you?


Step 5, Apply: If you feel you are ready to begin your entrence process into PFAP, complete our application. There is no fee to apply, and we will not discuss your business or products until we have recieved an application. Click HERE for our application.

OPTIONAL, Applicant Tour: If you are not sure if you are ready to proceed, but you wish to see the facility, request an Applicant Tour by email.

Step 6, Initial Consultation: If your application is approved, the next step is to schedule an Initial Consultation. Intial Consultations are required in all cases. This consultation is a face-to-face meeting for an evaluation of the applicant's needs versus PFAP resources, as well as a point by point walk-through of steps needed to proceed. During this meeting we will discuss:


  • Your business
  • Your product in detail

  • Our services in detail

  • Tour the facility (if you haven't already)

  • Requirements, rules & policies

  • Discuss the potential regulatory oversight

  • Assess if we can meet your needs

  • Provide suggestions & resources based on the above, when possible


Step 7, Requirements Before Using PFAP: To use PFAP we require the following:

  • All required paperwork must be completed.

  • Each Supervisor MUST complete Orientation.

  • A copy of all required permits for your products must be obtained, and copies provided to PFAP staff (for products made for sale).

  • All clients must obtain $2,000,000 of general liability and product liability insurance, with Orange County and Piedmont Food & Agricultural Processing Center named as “additional named insured” on the policy.


Step 8, Sign Your User Agreement: The User Agreement is the contract that allows you to use PFAP. When you're ready, schedule at time to sign your User Agreement. A signed User Agreement is required to use PFAP. A initial processing fee of $100 is required.