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PFAP Application


Applications are reviewed every week. Once your application has been reviewed you will recieve an email with additional information.

When you apply you will be asked to provide the following information and possibly more:

* Required Information

  • Business Status*: Whether you're a new or existing business.
  • Client Name*
  • Business Name*
  • Address*
  • Phone*
  • Email*
  • Website
  • Company Status*: What type of company are you (sole proprietorship, LLC, Corporation)?
  • Products*: Describe the products you wish to make.
  • Your Product Category: Catering, Vendor Packaged, Acidified, Fermenting, Repacking, Farming, Value Added, Personal Use, or Other
  • Do any of your products require a Scheduled Process?
  • Within the next year, how many employees do you plan on having (excluding business owners)?
  • Name of insurance company?
  • Beginning date of coverage?
  • Are you working with a business consultant or service?